Yuanmu Yu, Deputy Dir., Standing Committee, Chongqing People's Congress,
and Haiqing Zhang, Deputy Dir., Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office, in Seattle, September 2010

Hong Wagner, President of the Seattle-Chongqing Sister Cities Association

Hong Wagner

Mark Wen, Manager, International Trade, Port of Seattle

Mark Wen

Charles Royer, former mayor of Seattle, who started the sister cities

Charles Royer

Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith

Darryl Smith

Deputy Dir., Standing Committee, Chongqing People's Congress

Yuanmu Yu

Haiqing Zhang, Deputy Dir,. Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office

Haiqing Zhang

Jon Geiger, President of Seattle Chinese Garden Society; Director, Manufacturing and Production System 
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Jon Geiger

Mike Craig, former president, Seattle-Chongqing Sister Cities Association

Mike Craig

Bill Stafford, President, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

Bill Stafford

Jan Drago, King County Council Member

Jan Drago

Jon Geiger and Yuanmu Yu exchanging gifts

Geiger, Yu

Yuanmu Yu, Haiqing Zhang & Jan Drago exchanging gifts

Yu, Zhang and Drago





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