Sealth-Nankai Girls Basketball Game January 12, 2013

Chongqing Garden Expo in September

The 8th China (Chongqing) International Garden Expo opened in September and ran through April 2012. We organized a delegation from Seattle to attend the opening ceremony in Chongqing.

Annual Seattle Sister Cities Reception

2013 Seattle Sister Cities Reception will be held in April. It will highlight four sister cities: Chongqing, Tashkent, Perugia and Limbe. Interested in coming? Let us know.

Vice Mayor Yueming Ling attended Garden Opening in May

Vice Mayor Yueming Ling of Chongqing came to Seattle to attend the official opening ceremony of the Seattle Chinese Garden on May 15. Mayor Ling and his colleagues at Chongqing City Government gave great support to the construction of Knowing the Spring Courtyard, which was completed last November.

Association donated $4,000 to joint UW and Sichuan U project

On March 21, 2011, the Board of the Association reached an unanimous vote: donating $4,000 Sichuan Earthquake Relief fund toward the (UW) 2011 Summer Field Studio in Village Community Development and Cultural Landscape Preservation in China. The field work is a joint project between University of Washington and Sichuan University led by Prof. Dan Abramson of UW.

Executive Vice Mayor Zhengqi Ma of Chongqing visited Seattle in April, 2011

Mr. Zhengqi Ma was in Seattle from April 17-21. He was part of a delegation of Chinese mayors and business executives to attend the Sino-US. Mayoral Economic Forum here. The Forum, also known as "Local Economic Competitiveness in a Global Era," is organized by National League of Cities, in partnership with the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Treasury, and co-hosted by the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. On April 18th, Mayor Ma  met Mayor McGinn. On April 20th, Mr. Ma attended a lunch in his honor hosted by the Association in downtown Seattle.

Jim Dawson on Wen's Interviews

Jim Dawson, Vice President of the Seattle Chinese Garden Society, recently gave a fascinating interview on his work on the Garden, as a land architect, his first trip to China in 1985, and his education and childhood in Seattle. Please check it out: James Dawson, Architect: Dreamer/Promoter-in-Chief of the Seattle Chinese00 Garden, here:



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